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We offer a wide range of services to existing and new facilities


Design and construction


  • Technical assessment of the allocation of exhibition and technical areas like quarantine, food processing and storage, water treatment and technical access.

  • Design of aquarium displays, quarantine and water treatment systems.

  • Selection of the animal collection.

  • Assessment of construction materials: waterproofing, concrete, acrylic, lighting and life support system equipment and plumbing.

  • Elaboration of the inventory of husbandry, water quality, maintenance, diving and laboratory equipment and consumables .


Maintenance operation

  • Development of operational procedures for Curatorial, Life Support Systems, Laboratory and Animal health departments.

  • Animal collection sourcing, acquisition, transport and introduction.

  • Elaboration and assessment of diets and feeding techniques.

  • Water quality monitoring scheme development, analysis and assessments.

  • Technical troubleshooting of life support systems, husbandry, water quality, veterinary care and animal training.

Public Aquarium

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